Dear New Haven Family Services Providers,

The New Haven Early Childhood Council (NHECC) is seeking partners to reach families with young children who are not connected with a public preschool, private program or licensed family childcare. Through community partnerships, we seek to identify immediate support for families with young children, gather information on how families access critical support services in New Haven, and develop an ongoing connection with families to assist with engaging their children in a formal learning experience.

Partnering with Families: Community partners that serve families in the New Haven community are critical partners for this work. They have strong relationships with families, are embedded in their communities. The funds dedicated for this project need to be expended by June 30, 2021, so we are seeking partners who can move quickly to connect and identify families in New Haven who are not connected with a formal learning program.

The New Haven Early Childhood Council is looking to partner with New Haven based family service and education providers  to reach connect and engage families who may be disconnected from early education opportunities.

Request Details:

  • Each community partner is asked to consider a commitment to locate 50 families who are disconnected – or barely connected to schools or early learning experiences.
    • Partners agree to work to contact families of preschoolers or children who were due to enter kindergarten, who did not enroll in an early learning program or kindergarten.
  • Reimbursement of cost indicated in the proposal for outreach services seeking to identify at least 50 families in need of support per participating program/site to cover staff time (est. at 4-5 hours per family). Reimbursement of time includes:
    • Identifying families and support for learning
      • Engaging children and families in educational activities guided by their early childhood education and family engagement knowledge.
      • Trying to connect families with early learning program for 2021 (preK/K).
      • Prepare/Disburse learning materials aligned with Early Education Learning Standards
    • Learning Materials for Families: A package of learning materials for families that identify as disconnected from programming to support learning. CT ELDS supported the selection of materials such as:
      • Paper, scissors, language, literacy, sensory, and math materials.
      • Educational materials for families.
      • CT ELDS at home learning guides for families
    • Documentation required for participating sites.
      • Outreach efforts to every family are documented, successful or not.
      • Names and addresses of children who are newly engaged and supported
      • Name of staff conducting outreach efforts and learning supports.
      • Attempts to connect to local educational experience
      • Final data report due to NHECC by June 30, 2021, payment to follow.

To respond to this proposal, complete this form by March 31, 2021