NHECC May 2024 Meeting

Time Activity 
3pm-3:05pm Welcome & Call to Order  
3:05pm-3:15pm Announcements 
Claire Kaiser joins the team 
Other new members? 
WOYC Events 
Open forum for announcements from the group 
3:15pm-3:25pm Summer Reading Program 
3:25pm-3:35pm Project Updates and Calls to Action 
RAPID Survey 
Parent Ambassadors 
Sign Up for Committees 
3:35pm-3:50pm School Readiness Liaison Report 
Update on FY 25 Grant Application (due May 3) 
Read-Alouds at SR sites 
3:50pm-4:20pm Strategic Planning Discussion 
4:30pm Adjourn 

Meeting Documents

NHECC April 2024 Meeting

April 3, 2024

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Meeting ID: 889 0490 0204
Passcode: 781928

  1. Welcome & Call to Order
  2. Announcements
  3. NHPS Early Childhood Restructure Discussion
  4. New Projects Updates Discussion
    ● RAPID Survey
    ● LECC Grant
    ● Parent Outreach
  5. Committee Updates Discussion
  6. School Readiness Liaison Report Discussion
  7. School Readiness Committee
    Recommendations for FY25 Action
  8. Adjourn

Meeting Documents